Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Motown's Burning Bush, May 2004

Kevin Pyle sent this to me a while back and reminded me it was too cool not to share:  The Metro Times Century of Sound -- a Detroit music family tree.  It's no surprise the tree looks more like fire given the number of hot names aflame, each flicker crackling another to higher, brighter, smokin' heat.

Just look at all the great stuff here in this small sample:
  Andre "Baconfat" Williams is not far from the MC5, Brownsville Station, Grand Funk, Iggy Pop, Ted Nugent, Seger, Mitch Ryder as well nugget-hatchers the Woolies, Unrelated Segments and ? and the Mysterians...Rationals, well, I don't need to name 'em all off.

Find the whole thing at the paper's website here.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So It Seems, Aug. 1952

While we're getting a few things sorted out, check out this Monday Cartoon Day post from The Fabulous Fifties blog which I wish to share and place here for safe keeping when I have time to circle back. It features a collection of Lou Cameron's So It Seems newspaper strips which, as noted there, have an EC Comics flavor to them (and apparent similar use of the LeRoy lettering system). I'm downloading and looking forward to receiving a hardcopy of Alter Ego #86 for
Around the same time Kurtzman started Mad, comic artist Lou Cameron did
a short-lived satirical newspaper strip called
So It Seems. The titles
seems to be a parody of the many 'interesting facts' panels that were
around, such as
Ripley's Believe It Or Not and John Hix Strange As It
Seems, but it was more of a 'statement and sample' series, along the
lines of those that were later done for the magazine